Two NS employees discuss how to drive reliability using technology in windowed conference room


Whether we’re building mobile apps to improve operations or using algorithms to increase efficiency, we’re always looking for innovative technologies to improve performance.

Enhancing Visibility

Remote Field Ops

Our unique Remote Field Ops platform provides a remote view into our train dispatching system that optimizes train movements across our network and enhances customer service. This tool replaced several legacy systems with one mobile tool that allows dispatchers and other railroad employees to have a full network wide view of our operations which in turn gives our customers information on their shipments for more consistent, on-time service.

Over the shoulder employee computer

Logistics in Real-time

Movement Planner

Every day, NS faces a daunting challenge: designing an intricate plan to efficiently move hundreds of trains across our rail system, a complex network that spans 19,500 route miles across 22 states. With Movement Planner, our team can analyze the many different train movements scheduled for a given day and create an optimized plan for getting the job done. It’s another way that NS is building on the technology of today to create a safer, more efficient, and reliable railroad for tomorrow.

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Driving Reliability

Technology-Driven Train Plans

First thing, each day, our operating team relies on our Operating Plan Developer, or OPD, to ensure our service runs smoothly and efficiently. This software tool enables NS to create operating plans and manage assets and capacity within a virtual digital environment. It is a fundamental part of our ability to optimize our transportation network, determine the best route for railcars to more efficiently across the system, and much more.

Dispatch at Inman


We continue to find ways to better serve our customers. That’s why we created easy-to-use tools that can mimic the systems used in their everyday lives and show detailed information on their shipments – right from their mobile device anywhere, anytime.


AccessNS gives you an efficient and convenient one-stop platform to manage all your shipments with us. With AccessNS you can a customized portal to get quick access to information that is vital to your transportation logistic planning. Through enhanced service offerings we can provide you with a better customer experience.


With ExpressNS+ you can submit pre-gate information, improve terminal functions, see visual parking, and pick up locations, lookup unit by reservation number and equipment ID, receive electronic gate receipts and submit bad order information.